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More than 50% of recent college grads are unemployed or doing jobs that don’t require a college degree. How do you make sure you score a good job and launch a career you’re excited about?

Need More Successful Job Search Techniques?

Graduate to a Great Job book coverThe problem of post-college unemployment has been reported widely in the press, but these challenges aren’t going away because:

  • Most students, paralyzed by uncertainty and debt, are unprepared for the complexities and demands of the post-recession job market.
  • Since the Great Recession, lots of career planning & job search advice is outdated and obsolete due to changes in technology and new hiring practices.
  • Raised in an online, click-to-communicate world, you may be unaware of the off-line behaviors you need to get employed.
  • Because the job market has changed so much, your parents are at a loss to advise you on effective tactics.

Where Are You?

Diploma and cap on stack of booksGraduating to What?

Are you leaving college soon? You’ve heard how bad the job market. You’re anxious about landing a job you’ll feel good about. 

Job button on keyboardPostGrad Blues

Have you finished college last year? Can't find anything but part-time or low-wage work?  Feel stuck? You didn’t go to school for this!

many hands together for a cheerParental Panic

Your child is about to graduate -- or already has -- and you’re worried how they’re going to make this college investment pay off. Want to help? But you’re not sure what to do.

Chalkboard plan to get to a careerPlanning Ahead

Undergrads, career counselors & others who want to get a head start on career planning.

Learn How to Make Your Post-College Job Search up to 20%, 30%...even 50% Shorter

Based on more than 30 in-depth case studies of recent grads who have successfully landed good jobs, this book shows you how to:

  • Focus your search on jobs you really want
  • Maximize the value of internships
  • Use social media technologies to stand out from the competition
  • Build a great network that produces promising job leads
  • Survive the emotional roller coaster of job searches
  • Immediately become a stronger candidate

Graduate to a Great Job reveals how to land the job you want much faster! It shares inspiring first-person stories that show you how to succeed. You’ll also find lots of practical action steps you can take today, as well as immediate access to key resources needed to focus your job search, network more effectively, maximize the value of internships, and truly leverage technology.

To access this guide for a successful job search as soon as possible, click the link below now. Order Graduate to a Great Job to get the inspiration and tools you need to jump-start your post-college career.

What's Inside

The Big Picture

Find Focus & Gain Experience

Make Connections

Leverage Technology

Sell Yourself

Ask for Help

Happy Endings:
Grads with Great Jobs

Special Section:
Stories of Search Strategies that Paid Off

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