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Dr. David DeLong helps Gen Ys get employed faster in today’s highly competitive job market. David is an engaging keynote speaker and workshop leader who delivers practical solutions to students, parents, and career service professionals that will:

  • Shorten post-college job searches
  • Reduce frustration over unnecessary rejection and wasted efforts
  • Speed time to financial independence
  • Provide practical steps and a clear road map for success
  • Increase confidence in the job search process being used
  • Inspire young grads to believe they can succeed

Every presentation is customized to the needs of your particular audience, but here are some of David’s most popular programs.

From Panic to Paycheck: 5 Keys to Landing a Great Job After College

Young business people with computersWhat if you had a clear plan for how to execute a successful post-college job search? This program describes the critical steps for launching your career in today’s highly competitive job market. Drawing on powerful lessons from more than 30 recent graduates, this interactive presentation will inspire students and new grads to begin taking more practical steps to landing a job they’re excited about.

Life After College: Recent Grads Report on the Myths & Realities of Successful Job Searches

Learn from the stories of dozens of recent college grads what works—and what doesn’t—in today’s hyper-competitive job market. This talk provides tips from successful Gen Ys on focusing your search, networking, building an experience base, nailing your interviews, and preventing technology from killing your chances of getting an offer. It leaves young job seekers more confident, energized, entertained, and educated about what they must do to succeed in today’s tough job market.

Escaping the Parent Trap: Make Your Kid’s College Investment Pay Off in Today’s Job Market?

Mouse wrapped in 100 dollar billParents are right to be anxious about the ability of their college-age children to land good jobs after school today. This talk shows how dramatically the job market has changed since the Great Recession, and what your children must do to succeed in the changing workplace.

Drawing on interviews with more than a dozen directors of career services and dozens of successful recent grads, parents will learn how they can be most helpful in a post-college job search, and where their advice may actually hurt. You’ll come away from this talk armed with an understanding of the specific challenges facing your child, what resources are available, and the actions you can take that are most helpful in launching a new grad’s career.

Maximizing the Strategic Impacts of Career Services: Lessons From the Leading Edge

Job fair sign with woman behind writingThe research is clear. Many new college grads are having an incredibly difficult time starting their careers. But what does the future hold for underemployed Gen Ys, and what are the implications for your school? What should your university be doing to better help students cope with an increasingly demanding job market? How should this growing group of underemployed alumni fit into your career center’s overall strategy?

Dr. DeLong, an expert on the changing skill sets needed in the workforce, will address these questions in a program that combines both strategic and tactical perspectives on the changing relationship between higher education and career development.

From Panic to Paycheck

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