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Graduate to a Great Job

Should be required reading for every college student. Graduate to a Great Job demystifies the art of networking and gives students invaluable tools to access an ever-changing job market.

     Megan Houlker, Director
     Undergraduate Career Development,
     Babson Colege

Dave DeLong’s book can be a valuable tool for both students and career advisors. It’s emotionally engaging and very practical.  

    Susan Brennan, Executive Director,

    Career Services, Bentley University




Graduate to a Great Job is loaded with practical advice for internship directors to use in counseling students involved in both college and high school programs. The checklists for action at the end of each chapter are especially good in providing valuable tips at a glance for busy counseling practitioners.

     David Weeks, Internship Director
     Glenelg Country School


Graduate to a Great Job is inspiring, comprehensive, and practical. Buy it, read it, and land worthy work.

    Quentin J. Schultze
    Author of Resume 101


Graduate to a Great Job is a great resource for graduates and their parents. David DeLong combines an assessment of the contemporary contexts of employment with specific action steps for those facing the job market. In addition, he offers very helpful self-assessment strategies and links to online resources that will be valuable for job seekers. If you want a competitive edge in a challenging marketplace, read Graduate to a Great Job.

     Michael A. Smyer, Provost
     Bucknell University


Graduate to a Great Job provides insightful, practical advice. Learn from the experiences of 30 recent grads, and you, too, can succeed in one of the toughest job markets in recent history.

     Jim Case, Director
     Career Center, Cal State Fullerton


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